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There has beeen an increasing trend of hotels getting invovled with art, showcasing local artists’ work.  The latest one that stands out is The Opposite House in Beijing.

The name, The Opposite House, is derived from a translation of a Chinese word, which describes the guest house sitting on the opposite side of a traditional courtyard style home.  The hotel’s 99 contemporary guest rooms are strikingly simple with natural wooden floors and subtle touches of Chinese décor.  It is designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and opened in 2008.

Through January to March 2010, The Opposite House will be showing two painting installations by Peng Wei, known for her delicate ink color paintings on silk and paper.  The first series, “Rock Garden,” is a series of rock images painted on transparent panels, creating an ethereal garden of vestiges of a scholarly past; and the second, “Bodies,” depicts the female form created from rice paper adorned with refined images imbued with aesthetic sensitivity.

Peng Wei’s exhibition is part of The Opposite House’s on-going quarterly presentations of contemporary Chinese works by young artists in addition to the hotel’s permanent collection of unique pieces by noted Asian artists,


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